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Iola, WI July 2006

Once again, the Iola car show served up so many nice cars that it was nearly impossible to see them all in one day. Below is a sampling of some of the more interesting ones.

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1925 Buick Six
1925 Buick 6 cyl
    John Deere A
Here's something we haven't seen before: John Deere with Ford V8-60
1937 Hudson Terraplane
1937 Hudson Terraplane, Gregg Duffer
    1937 Nash Lafayette
1937 Nash Lafayette, Dan Hill
1953 Henry J
1953 Henry J, Everett Fox
    1954 Kaiser
Harlan Phillips brought this 1954 Kaiser
1929 Graham-Paige
Michael Keller owns this 1929 Graham-Paige roadster,
    1930 Graham-Paige
and this 1930 Graham-Paige 1st series sedan
1949 Ford woodie
1949 Ford station wagon
    1951 Hudson
Ole Arneson brought two Hudsons; this is his 1951 2dr
1939 Studebaker
Glen Reints owns this 1939 Studebaker
    1964 Avanti
1964 Studebaker Avanti still looks chic, 40 years later
1923 Ford Model T
1923 Ford Model T, Cal Preuss
    1930 Ford Model A
1930 Ford Model A, Donna Haase, one of many A's
1963 Buick Wildcat
1963 Buick Wildcat for sale
    1937 Ford
Rich Adams offered this 1937 Ford 4dr for $11,900
1932 Ford hotrod
We don't like street rods, but this traditional Ford hot rod looked like fun
    1932 Ford coupe
Here's the real thing. Folks were gushing over this 1932 Ford coupe, owned by Joe Keller
1928 REO Flying Cloud
1928 REO Flying Cloud, Robert Becker
    1927 Olds
David Neuhas brought this 1927 Oldsmobile
1951 Studebaker
1951 Studebaker, Frank Wichlacz
    1949 Willys Overland
1949 Willys-Overland, E Berens
1967 Amphicar
Daryl Tresner's 1967 Amphicar
    1958 Nash Metropolitan
1958 Metropolitan, Keith Mathiowetz
1933 Franklin
1933 Franklin, Gary Ohnstad
    1934 Lincoln KB
Another classic, Lynn Messner's 1934 Lincoln KB
1924 Buick
This 1924 Buick's been in Rob Swearingen's family for many years
    1924, 1925 Dodge
William Hupke brought these two Dodges: 1925(left) and 1924
Can you identify this?
    1929 Cadillac
1929 Cadillac, Dick Hansen

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