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Lincolns at Hickory Corners, MI, June 2006

Well over 200 cars came to the LZOC Central GOF/ CCCAM Grand Experience. Lincolns as old as 1921 joined our HV-12s, as they toured and rubbed shoulders with many other beautiful cars, including a 1929 Studebaker President 8 (LA), a 1932 Nash Victoria coupe (MI), and quite a few Cadillacs and Packards.

Bruce N (Madison, WI) organized a group of nine Lincolns (1937-47) and three modern cars, that crossed Lake Michigan from Milwaukee, WI to Muskegon, MI on the high-speed ferry. They caravanned from Muskegon to Kalamazoo, MI for the meet featuring all three Lincoln clubs. Photos below are courtesy of Bruce N and Jim N. Click on any photo to enlarge.

Lincoln line-up
Fay O and Lincolns preparing to board ferry to MI
    1946 Lincoln
Jack V's 1946 Lincoln on the ferry
Tom B (AZ), in white cap, and Bob B (WI)
1941 Lincoln
1941 LC receiving award
    1940 Zephyr
Judy Von B, OH, with their 1940 Zephyr
    1941 Zephyr
1941 Zephyr sedan, Don R, Chicago, IL
1941 Zephyr
Jim and Clare N, Madison, WI
    1937 Zephyr
Jerry C, Chicago, IL, and his 1937 Zephyr coupe
    1939 Zephyr
1939 Zephyr
1941 Zephyr coupe
1941 Zephyr coupe, Bruce S, Brodhead, WI
    1941 Zephyr
Bob S, Jim N and Judy N with Bob's 1941 L-Z
    1937 Zephyr
Ron S, left, & Bruce S with Hank D's 1937 Zephyr coupe
1947 Lincoln Continental
1947 LC, Larry G, Oconomowoc, WI
    1941 Lincoln Continental
Jo L, Lake Tomahawk, WI, 1941 LC
    1936 Zephyr
1936 Zephyr sedan
1940 Zephyr
Jake F (white cap) talks with owner of 1940 Zephyr
    1941 Continental
Wayne S, Milan, IL, in his 1941 LC coupe
L to r: Ron S, Central president, Bruce N, Wayne S
1937 Zephyr coupe
1937 Zephyr coupe, Hank D, Milton, WI
    1939 Zephyr flagship
George & Carole T (VT) and their 1939 Zephyr
    1940 Zephyr
Nubs S's 1940 Zephyr (IL)- Jake F (TX) on left
1942 Lincoln Continental
Bob D (OH) in his 1942 Continental
    1941 Zephyr coupe
1941 Zephyr- at right is chief judge Ron D (WI)

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